Since 1990, Universal Aerospace has offered precision machining, precision sheet metal, turning & screw machining, and assembly primarily for the aerospace industry.  We are a dedicated workforce focused on offering competitive pricing,  meeting customer timelines, and ensuring adherence to our quality management system. Universal is your partner in your manufacturing supply chain.

An expanding company, Universal’s core competencies are always growing. Today we offer:

  • Precision Machining
  • Precision Sheet Metal
  • Turning & Screw Machining
  • Super F/C Seat / Ottoman Assembly
  • Business / Coach Interiors
  • Interior Cabin Security

Our quality systems play a key role in delivering well-made parts and assemblies on time, including our ERP system and FAI – AS9102 when requested. Additionally, our certifications include:

  • AS9100 Rev D / ISO9001:2015
  • Boeing Approved Process Sources D1-4426
  • NADCAP Certification Welding- Cert. No. 10647174234
  • Fusion Welding Certified to AWS D17.1:2017
  • Spot Welding

On Time and On Budget

In 1990, Universal Aerospace got its start by producing Air Intake Access doors for General Electric jet aircraft engines. Producing the doors ahead of schedule and under budget led to additional successes and Universal began to grow. Over the years we have expanded our space to 90,000+ square feet of manufacturing space and have grown our manufacturing competencies to include:

Precision Machining

  • Complex Machining
  • Complex Structural Components
  • Interior / Exterior Components
  • Small/Medium size Detail Components Parts

Precision Sheet Metal

  • CNC Press Brake
  • Hydro forming
  • Deep Drawn Products
  • Certified Welding
  • Tube Bending

Turning & Screw Machining

  • Precision Shafts & Inserts
  • Combination Turned and Milled Parts

Commercial Aircraft Seating components/Assembly

  • Tray table mechs
  • Highly Aesthetic Trims/Extrusions
  • Seat Frames
  • Kick / Rub Strips
  • Decorative Interior Components
  • Leather upholstered finished goods
  • Custom finished good
  • Multi level BOM Kitting

Business / Coach Interiors

  • Overhead Bins
  • Bin Extensions
  • PSU Rails
  • Seat Tracks (up to 40’)
  • 737 Lavatories
  • 787 Bar Units
  • 747 Galley
  • 747 Countertops and Sinks
  • 747-8 Suite Decorative details

Cabin Security, Doors and Lighting Structure

  • B737 Flight Deck Door
  • B777 Door Structures
  • B787 Bulkhead
  • B787 Flight Deck Door
  • B787 Doorway Entry
  • B787 Lighting Sub-Structures

In 2014, Universal Aerospace added metal finishing to our offerings through our subsidiary: Aero Finishing LLC.

We take great pride in providing quality products at a reasonable price. Our certifications and systems have been utilized to create an efficient, effective workplace.